Call of the Mountains

Six posts into this little venture of blogging , this site has always  been consistent with subjects of technology and Computer Science. It seems seven is the jinx and I thought what better than to write your heart out about something personal for a change. So yea, this is my little trip into the wilderness and snow clad landscapes of Mt.Rainier.

Starting off right

You know, the feeling you get when you are all set for a big journey ahead and you end up with a not-so-friendly tour guide who ends up scaring even the most majestic of places, well I didn’t have him. Quite on the contrary I had an amazingly charming chap, with a good sense of humor. Thanks to him, the long bus rides to the destination seemed less far apart and time inevitably seemed no longer interested in my venture.

As for the details, we were inbound to a tourist attraction point up in the mountains of Mt.Rainier, which so happens to be the highest mountain of the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest, and the highest mountain in the U.S. state of Washington. It started early into the day. Hour one of our journey began when a group of thirteen of us boarded the tour bus and left for the mountains.DSC_0553.JPG A pleasant journey followed with impeccable landscapes and countryside panorama added with our host’s sense of humor on everyday dull happenings, all a welcome change from the city life. Oh I totally missed out on a point which may interest the readers who have scrutinized themselves into continuing thus far, that Mt.Rainier is the site of an active volcano. The excessive snow and rough climbing conditions makes it a challenging climb even though it has been done countless times. The impact of the snow and earthquakes had their impact on the tress building up to the mountains. Seattle is called the Evergreen state for a reason, and my eyes lay witness to it’s justification all the way.

The target location was funnily named “Paradise point” at about 5000 ft. But I soon new.JPGlearned it wasn’t as funny as it was wonderful. Our first pit stop was in the woods, it was a coronation of nature at her very best. The beauty of it all and the fact that it was untouched by man made it that much more special. I did get lucky to spot a deer, but that’s all I could gloat about, a fellow mate even had the privilege to spot a bear. Further hiking into the woods, we came across old springs which were an added bonus, considering I wasn’t expecting a trail in the first place. Further down we were treated to the first of the many waterfalls from the glaciers and it was beautiful! Another gaze at the vastness of it all and a dozen or so snaps later we were back on track to Paradise point. By now the snow clad mountains had started to show up and it was time for part two of our journey, the Mountains!



Paradise it is !

After a couple of hours of travel and few pit stops later we reached Paradise point without much drama. The temperatures were dropping, we were surrounded with snow and it could only mean one thing, snow fights! Ah, I always wanted to do it since I was a child, oh and don’t judge me my dear reader, it is loads of fun (with infinite exclamation points) . TrekThe small flat space makes for setting up a perfect tourist center and docking spot for the countless vehicles that come to these mountains which is a good fit for skiing, trekking and a countless other activities surrounding it. I did my share of climbing and settled for a nice little lunch, with the word little having more emphasis. Jokes apart, the place was breath-taking. After an hour well spent up in the mountain, we headed back home to Seattle at around six and jumped into a bed filled with exhaustion and fueled with a sense of a day well spent . I knew even though I couldn’t fully justify what I experienced, trying it out would certainly not hurt my chances. So here it is my short account of it all, hope you enjoyed it, until next time ciao!




















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